Return to Bishopsgate

Victoria's Journal - Shakespeare Tragedy FTW

Basement is flooding.
Eight steps down and the basement is flooding with water.
The alarm goes off as we get to the door.
Women’s voice over intercom: Attention bishop’s gate staff. Code blue, commence lockdown.
Reaches the fence first, and it’s electric. Fuck! That hurt!
Well with an absence of anywhere else to go we decide to head to the chapel as there seemed to be a lot of people that died there.
It’s a cliché little building, only one. Two big oak doors. Push ‘em open ‘cause I can do that! Oak doors are no match for me!
Four rows of pews on either side, some ensconsed areas with little candles in them that is providing the most light.
Main source of natural light is a large rose window. Lightning is what it coming through.
Nick goes to sit in the back room.
I spray paint the wall and only certain patches stick, and it reveals the symbol of Gabriel.
Cory and Brett appear right behind me. They are able to mildly manifest. They tell us that we should leave because the man will come back, but they don’t know who he is. Brett tells us he’s not sure why they are still here but we should tell his sister that he’s dead and that he’s sorry about jamie’s treehouse. He also says we’re all probably going to die, but that’s getting to be pretty normal to hear.
He says something showed up to kill some guy but they were already dead though that guy walked out of here, but I’m not sure who he is talking about. A large shape comes at you and your head falls off and you just die. It was big but not big, him but not him, me but it wasn’t me. It does what it wants and it takes what it wants and if it wants to be you it will be you. The symbol opened a gate or something and the thing came out of it. Doesn’t matter where you go if it wants you it will take you. McKlusky is helping it, she’s the one who shut the place down for renovations. He tells us we probably shouldn’t kill anyone else, which I guess is good since we’re almost out of alcohol.
What is the right way to go about looking for the bodies? Toby says Gorlack takes them.
The symbol disappears. Dumb symbol.
Jessica suggest we follow the trail of where everyone dies. Good plan! Jessica messages Abigail for us! Way to be!
This place opens you up to stuff. Some people that were here weren’t crazy when they got here.
Josh finds a secret tunnel underneath the alter thanks to our to ghost boys! We go down and come out a similar opening. It looks like we’re coming out of a buffet table. Doesn’t look like the dining room in the east wing. We are either in White Hall house (was a children’s wing) or Hampden House (Staff spa). Dining room area. Head out to a long hallway then to a staircase up. Smaller hallway with several doors and then a loft type area with two bay windows that overlooks a smaller portion of roof. We are probably in White Hall House. Ronald was last seen here.
I start spraypainting on the walls.

Hi. Stop writing on my walls. No I mean it stop writing on my walls. That can’t be safe. I mean for you. What do you mean whatever? You don’t care if you life or die? You don’t seem like you care? Why? I did that but I ended up here. What I want. It’s not my fault that those boys got more attention then me it’s not my fault they fell off the roof. You should blame me, everyone else does. I pushed them off the roof. I don’t remember who they were, it doesn’t matter. I’m Annabell. What’s that mean? I don’t know what year it is. 1932 when I pushed the boys off the building. So they sent me here ‘cause I was bad. That’s right the nurses didn’t know I was bad. They gave me nice things and let me play for a while. ‘cause then they stopped. I don’t know why. I didn’t put that in her food, you can’t prove I did. It had a dead rat on the box. I put a lot in there. She was some mean nurse. What? Don’t call me dear.
Have you seen a boy wearing purple?
Oh yea, he wanted to play. He took my dollhouse because the paper told him to. I didn’t do anything to him you can prove.
What paper?
He brought it with him. I don’t know what it said.
What did you do to him?
I pushed him off the roof. I’m not doing this for you. I can tell the big man you’re hear. You already know who the big man is. You can talk to him. That kid smashed my dollhouse. It’s what happens when you fall three stories on your face. Why are you here? Did the nurse tell you to come see me?
We were looking for the boy and his friends.
Oh you’re like them. What else do you want from me? Don’t lie. The doctor that took away my dollhouse is story too. The doctor slit his own wrists, I didn’t do anything. I live here. In White Hall House. You can always find me here. Others live here but they don’t come out when I’m here. You’re bothering me. But you won’t. You’ll stick your nose in it until he finds you. It’s all about money.
It’s about the things you can do with money.
What’s that? You can’t prove that. Are you saying I’m not clever?
We’ll leave you alone. She’s going to come and get you. The lady. You’ve already met her. She likes you. She makes you do what you don’t want to do but she makes you want to do it. She’s clever.

My hand gets really hot.

“You can’t leave yet.” Little girl appears and says we have to stay and play. She looks about 8.
Little girls takes over me and now I’m trying to stab Jessica’s eyes out with my pencil. I tackle her. The rest try to get me off, but they fail! I’m super strong! Nick just hangs out with Annabell and watches. Josh manages to pull me off but then he drops me because Annabell tells him to. She lets me go and terrifies, Nick, Josh, and I and we run away screaming. Jessica goes to follow us but Annabell compels her to stay. Tells Jessica that it would just be easier to let her kill us since it’s going to happen anyway. “It’s not going to be stuck here for much longer. Then who knows what it’ll do. Grownup always want to put a name on something. It doesn’t have a name, it’s never had a name, it doesn’t need a name.

Beth wakes up in an operating room.
Hey lady! Dad says you’re going to be my new big sister! I don’t hate you you’re pretty! You have nice cans! Dad says it’ll hurt for a little while but then it’ll be better! He says you get to keep your face! I can’t let you out of there. My dad is the boss! I’m the oldest! So I can boss my big sister around!
She’s tied down with standard hospital shackles.
“Where are you going child? Where do you think you’re going with that pretty little head of yours? I promised my boys a plaything. Why are you scared child? My sons’ aren’t frightened of me.”
A needle and thread start sowing her mouth shut.
Josh runs down to try and help Beth.
Nick and I head off to find Hampden Hall and the Staff Spa.
And Beth dies…
Michael shows up to help Josh

After wandering around the grounds for a while, enjoying the spa, exploring the gardens, and eventually ending up in the VA part of the hospital we decide to rest for a while. Unfortunately we get locked in from the outside and we use the amazing lockpick that is my shotgun to get it open, and draw the attention of a really creepy, giant spider-thing. It chases us back to White Hall House. Annabell is about so the thing can’t come in. Of course she doesn’t really want us to be there. We try to make a break for it back to the East Wing to see if Josh is still alive, but we fail pretty back. Nick gets back into White Hall House while I’m stuck outside. The thing manages to stick me in the shoulder before I book it to East Wing. Of course this after Nick comes falling out a window and breaks his neck…Not a good day…

After making it back to East Wing I find Josh and Beth are both okay, though Josh is freaking out about Beth being a zombie or something…not that I really care since I’m pretty sure that spider thing poisoned me. Josh manages to kill it, but while the two of them try to figure out how to help me the poison does it’s job far too well and I am no more…



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