Return to Bishopsgate

Victoria's Journal - Part Dos!


The next morning, after a surprisingly good night of sleep, I managed to convince some of the others to do some research for me on the computer since I apparently make them explode. Nick did manage to get to the site and start hacking. I had no clue he was so good at computers. Something to remember for the future.

40 minutes later I think he got in. He looked some more into Bodicom. He found some info specifically about how Bodicom bought the land in the 1800s. After that he had been on the land for 25 years. Then there was a local priest that a young girl went to and said that something bad had happened on the land and that God had turned away from them. He tried to help her but they identified her body three years later among Bodicom’s flock.

We managed to find out that the two girls who survived, Annalee Smith and Carolina Walkin had ended up at the same parish as the previous little girl. Annalee was seven and Carolina, eight. From what they could tell they survived because they didn’t drink the poison. The priest from before took care of them, but a year later they died from a “lack of God”. They were at Sheppardon Parish. I know where I’m going next!

Beth did some research into the closest Indian reservation to see if she could find out more information from them about why they so readily deserted the area. Beth spoke with Elder Frey, (pasma squati) “it wasn’t a matter of, the records I have indicate that Daniel Sheppard, a land given freely or a curse, but a matter of our people have a respect for land and the land is not to be trifled with. We told sheppard this. There are places that the land is it’s own mistress. We were not able to stop him.” He is going to fax over an old deed of some kind.

While we waited for said fax we decided to head over to Sheppardson Parish. It’s an older building in the middle of town a couple miles from Bishop’s Gate. The Father was out when we arrived and no one was really sure why. Nick spoke to a 70 year old nun. She told us she had seen the little girls about eight months ago at the funerals of the kids that went missing. We were told they are most often seen in the gardens. After looking around the garden for the moment Carolina showed up.

“A lot of grown up talk about stuff like god and angels and how we have to be good or bad things happen. But we were always very good.”
“What did you do when you left?”
“Everyone drank mom told us not to drink. Then we were alone. The Father was afraid of Benjamin’s angels. Yes, no, echoes. They were watching over us.”
“Angels? Or echoes of angels?”
“They wanted us to join them so we went to the tower and we flew off to heaven.”
“If they wanted you to join them, why are you still here?”
“Dunno, like echoes only here for now until everything is done. A Man came to the church the last time the leaves were yellow and asked how to make things right. We must have told him wrong, but we don’t remember what we told him. It was during the parade of black cars, maybe we told him wrong. We want to fly again.”

We need to go investigate the bell tower.

When we returned to the hotel the fax had arrived! The important points in the fax:“Told not to build on the mound that had been built by those that had preceded the Indians.”

Toby was apparently a bored little boy and found us at the hotel room. When we asked Toby about Anna and Carolina he responded that, Michael says the two girls are “crazy bitches”. Nice lady came to the place to talk to the girls and make it better and she ended up jumping off the bell tower.

Toby was not impressed with our “grown-up talk” and decided to melt the TV.

After little debate we headed off to the bell tower. The bell itself is an important historic part of Leadsdale history though we really couldn’t figure out what they actual significance was.

The ring that was over Bodicoms church is now over the bell tower.

I found myself in Josh’s room and proceeded to see what else I could come up with: Paint a picture of circle like a stain glass window with a figure swinging, it has wings.
Strange symbol carved in the bell.

After more conversation with Toby, or at least as much as a conversation as we could have we discovered that Michael was trying to electricute the big, strong guy.
On investigation the vines that were on the bell tower before are all dead and dried up.

Josh decided that ringing the bell was a great idea (which I did have to agree with since it is after all a bell…) A shutter goes through everything. Then everything is completely silent, completely. Creepily enough the bell starts to drip a dark, red substance. I wonder what it could be! A coil of intestines falls out of the bell. Guhross!
Josh and I tie ourselves off and start to climb up the bell. As we climb we realize Benjamin is standing above us, like looking down at us from a grave.
Bodicom said that he is waiting for the man that is now trying to find us. And apparently it’s 1886.

We show Bodicom the weird symbol that Ryan drew in reference to the bell. He says that’s how you call Gabriel. For guidance. He pulls out a pistol and shoots himself. Just great…As if I don’t have enough nightmares….

Note to self: go to library.

Some information regarding the research I’ve done: Gabriel is an angel of truth, one of the four angels of truth along with Raphael, Uriel, Michael. Angel of revelation and spirit of truth, he presides over seraphim, cherubim, and paradise. Sits at the left hand of god with the Metatron. First storms will rage and oceans roar when Gabriel stands on sea and shore and as he blows his wondrous horn old worlds die and new be born. Say there is a feasts day, September 29, also for Raphael and Saint Michael. Virgin ash, a sacrifice, gets hinky, two versions: one is a willing sacrifice of the pure and the other is the sacrifice of the devout. Gold, and something about the prince of waters.



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