Return to Bishopsgate

Victoria's Journal - It's getting worse!

After watching Toby possess a drunk Nick we finally decided to go find Michael and talk to him.
Ryan is thankfully around to let us in so we don’t have to utilize Josh’s admittedly great lockpicking skills.
Toby depossesses Nick.
Heading down to the sub-basement every is the same except that all the doors are closed that we opened last time. Opening the room where I found the green shoe and coincidentally found Michael in the room.
He does something and Nick is no longer drunk. Sucks for him! Thankfully I took his bottle away. Awesome!
Jessica: I wanted to ask about the tall man we saw. Did you see him?
Michael: Yes
Jessica: Did you talk to him?
Michael: I’ve seen him a couple of times. I have no idea who is or why he did these things. Why do you want to know about him?
Jessica: We’re working for the sister of one of the guys that disappeared.
Michael: He’s dead. So you think this is going to be an open and shut case? It’s Mr. Jenkins who’s trying to scare people away because those damn kids keep coming around. Unfortunately his mask isn’t right. Toby go scare the nurse in Ward C I need the electrolocis room.
Jessica: I’m sure it’s not easy being here by yourself just with Toby I’m sure things happen that you see/can’t control. I swear I’m not trying to bother you I’m just trying to put someone’s mind to rest.
Michael: It’s more complicated than that. I understand where you’re coming from. You know how long I’ve been around here. I don’t care what happens around here, whether I want it to or not. He is not the first of his kind to show up here, they want to find out where the Gate in Bishop’s Gate is. Those are his words they are not mine. He wants to use it for whatever. He thought the kids were here for whatever that reason is.
Related to Gabriel?
I don’t know but then he just killed people so that doesn’t work.
Ryan procedes to show him the symbol
I think that guy had it. Tried to use it but it didn’t work. Used it in the chapel. You haven’t found that part yet! It’s in the video. Something else showed up when it didn’t work. I don’t know what though. He didn’t really look like anything so much as was a lot of things.
Ryan wants to try some hypnotism on Michael.

It pretends to be, it tries to be. It’s fighting with reality sometimes I do that but I do it better. It changes size, it’s a man it’s the tall man it’s not it’s me then it’s the poor marine without legs where are his legs. It took what was left of the marine, devoured, disintegrated, I don’t know the word for it. It came though I don’t know if it went back I ran. I was it was chasing her across the lawn. I tried to tell her to run faster it can’t fight the sun but she didn’t listen never listened and then it was quiet. I haven’t seen it since then but it could be anyone. Don’t know if the symbol is still there. It’s not been safe to go back. Check White Hall house through the Rose window.
The big man does scare Michael.

Third floor: Standard hospital stuff. Area for high risk offenders. Dr. Hopper died of a heart attack on the third floor in his office. Dr. Cave also took over that office.
I am definitely drunk at this point but I think everyone else is making fun of Dr. Ryan something about his addiction to sandwiches…Good times. He did give me pretzels though!
We go to Dr. Hopper’s office! It’s locked! Name on the door: Dr. Bridget McClusky. She is the director.

The other three start to fight, rather Beth and Josh start to fight after Josh tried to slam the door to the office open but Beth tried to stop it.
While they start fighting Nick and I went off to find a straight jacket for him. It was locked and the janitor was off somewhere else so I used my supreme lock picking skills! Shot gun beats door!
Beth storms off down the hall way.
We shotgun open another door and the guy inside is screaming and full of shrapnel.
The guy stops moving after Nick spray paints him for a while.
A hot lady in the doorway trying to get us to go with her.
Wake up making out with a corpse. Apparently we met Levonia.
Michael is with us all of a sudden and said we apparently we woke something up. The Thing movie! We go find a shower!
Josh comes back talking about the little girl from before, with the walls screaming and knives in the walls. He gives some wood to the good doctor to look at so we go back to his office.
It looks like mold, most similar to muscle tissue. So it’s like the house is alive.
In one of the rooms Josh went to there is writing on the wall in blood: “If these walls could talk” – sometimes a place is imprinted with a memory. That memory can influence people and that builds on the memory and it can eventually become an emotion.
The power is out and we go off to find Beth. Apparently she got tranquilized and taken to a room.

Nick’s Eidetic memory
Nick: Are you drunk?
Toby: Nope! You’re drunk! I can’t get drunk because I don’t have a liver
Nick: why did the pretty lady tell me not to trust you?
Toby: There’s a good reason!
Nick: Mickey will tell you! I mean he’s mean, but he’s a good guy, but he’s kind of a dick!
Toby: I’m bored.



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