Return to Bishopsgate

Victoria's Journal - Part the First

In the latter half of September I received a letter from a Miss Abigail Winsley. Enclosed was $10,000 and a request to go to Leadsdale, ME to attend a consultation regarding my particular talents in regards to the disappearance of her brother, Lt. Brett Winsley.

Upon arrival I met up with four other individuals who also seemed to have received the same set of rather sparse information as myself.
We all met up with Miss Winsley and she wasted no time in filling in the details. Her brother disappeared from Bishop’s Gate Asylum. He was part of a “reality television” show, along with six other individuals. The network that put on the show nearly went bankrupt immediately after filming because no one that was part of the show returned.
They are all presumed dead. The FBI apparently looked into the disappearances but they came up empty handed.
Obviously something doesn’t add up. So far not all of the footage has been made available to the families of those that disappeared.

The names of those involved:
Brett Winsley

Cory Mitchell

Jessica Stout

Alex Jenkins
– The only member of the show to be “confirmed” dead. He’s on the tape dying. He appears to go into one of the isolation rooms in sub-basement B. He is in there for about 8 minutes when someone else appears, walks into the frame. That individual never turns to face camera. The two have some kind of conversation, but it is impossible by the camera angles to distinguish what they are saying. Alex appears to be gravely hurt, lacerations all over his body. The other individual proceeds to bring Alex out into the hallway. They continue to talk for about a minute and a half. It then appears as though the other individual begins praying over Alex. Alex begins to struggle. He stumbles to feet when something is then thrown at him from off camera, different camera angle (hall camera). A minute later his head slides off his neck and the camera stops.
Background information:
Age: 18
From: San Jose California
Occupation: Student at San Jose Community College
Time Stamp last seen on camera: 4:49:00AM Sat November, 16th 2010
Contact Info:

Ronald Wells – Local

Mellisa Mason

Erin Wes – Local

No evidence of any of them, presumed dead by this point

From watching the videos provided to us by Miss Abigail we have put together this Time Line of the last time each person was seen:
Brett’s last time on screen: 2:18:00AM Sat, November 16th, 2010 walking into the Chapel building
Cory Mitchell: 2:35:00AM walking into the Chapel
Melissa Mason and Ronald Wells: East Hall Camera in White Hall House: 3:18:00AM
Alex Jenkins: 4:49:00AM Sat November 16th 2010 sub-basement B.
Jessica: Last seen in barn with Erin at 4:52:00AM
Erin: 6:00:00AM last seen crossing the grass from east wing to west wing. Camera goes dark instead of stops tracking, like something thrown over it

There were two cameras set up in the chapel. One that provided a close up on the alter, and the second was placed in the southern corner which swept the majority of the building.
Get more specific information about the placement of the other cameras.


While the rest of the group continued to do some research myself and two others went to check out the now open hospital.

The other two entered the hospital while I ran into a veritable wall of the dead about six miles from the actual hospital. I stopped to talk with what I assumed would be a potentially helpful looking man in older looking clothes. He told me his name was Benjamin. He was only slightly helpful, which in retrospect was not very surprising. He most criticized me for being a woman and being engaged in this investigation. He spent the rest of the conversation talking about waiting for the “angels” to come and take everyone away. Apparently I bothered him a bit too long because he then proceeded to invoke the spirit of my brother. Asshole.

After a long night of drinking and vandalizing a clock tower I was able to find out more information on Mr. Benjamin. His full name is Benjamin Bodicom. He created a sect of religion; I’d call it a cult really. They set up their compound on the land that is today Bishop’s Gate. It appears that the whole group drank poison at Bodicom’s guidance and he later shot himself. Two children survived but didn’t live longer than a year. I found a small piece written from the man himself. He talks about the “Holy Ones” and talks about “Angels” and “their eyes’. He begins to hear voices mocking him. I’d call him crazy but really I’m not one to talk. He discovered something foul, “scales falling down” and having the “light withdrawn from him.” He goes on to talk about how whatever it was had Hidden in the light and their faces were then obscure. At least now I know why he kept talking about Angels.

We also received a timeline of Bishop’s Gate itself.

A Mr. Daniel Sheppard first claimed the land. When he wanted to settle the land he was told by the Native American’s that it was not a good idea to build on the land. After he began building the Native American’s quickly began to relocate. He didn’t finish building a town before he himself died.

The land was then claimed by a Mr. Teasdale. He finished where Sheppard left off, building up the town. A year and a half before he died he began to withdraw from society. His mansion burned down and he himself died in the fire. It was reported that while his wife did not remarry she also did not wear any mourning dress. There was rumor of some kind of wine cellar.


The hospital was first built by Dr. Hopper. He was rumored to be mostly business savvy. He bought the surrounding properties that Teasdale owned to build the hospital. The main buildings he constructed were: The White Hall House, Brochardt House, The Maxwell Gymnasium, and the Hamden House, which was originally a spa for the staff. His office was situated in the upper floor of the original East Wing. He left the hospital on claims of extreme exhaustion. There were rumors that he was carried screaming from the grounds. When he did return, only a year later, his hair, which used to be stark black, was pure white. He later died in 1898 in his office of an apparent heart attack.

Dr. Cave took over during Dr. Hopper’s year of absence. He build the Chesterton Hall, Potomac House, and he renovated the barn. He had the misfortune of being trampled to death on the front path by a draft horse pulling a cart that belonged to an apparently wealthy patient. I later learned from another ghost that there was something that spooked the horse. The patient couldn’t see what was there but the horse obviously saw something. A ward in the East Wing has been named after him.

During the previous night of drunkenness and vandalism I drew a picture of a house on figure being pulled into the earth by hands that, while they are visible in the picture, are normally invisible to normal people. I was able to discern this to be a picture of Teasdale’s mansion being burnt down.
While I was doing this research I was first using Nick’s computer. While I was looking up the information on Bodicom something suddenly flashed on the computer and then it began to smoke and set off the sprinklers in my room. I’m very glad my money isn’t covering the room.
Stopping off at the local library I was able to continue my research. I found out a bit more information, but quickly got stuck on BGSU. GOV and without a valid username I can do no more. As we were leaving the computer I was just at also began to smoke.
Our apparent money man was able to acquire press passes and a rather convincing cover story for us to get us into the hospital. While the nurse we spoke with went to check with her superior we went about the grounds getting “long shots” or whatever. There was a rather loud, shrieking female ghost looking for an “Annabeth” near the edge of what was Bodicom’s compound, which is also over Teasdale’s rumored wine cellar.

Exploring the grounds we first went to the barn. In the middle of the barn itself was one green shoe that appeared to have some blood on it. It was from the girl in the video, Erin.
We broke into the East Wing. While the two boys in the group absconded into a janitors closet a young boy, who was most definitely dead, appeared. He told us his name was Toby. He was able to fully manifest so at least I wasn’t the only one that could see and talk to him. He told us that he had never been in the sub-basement because his father, who was apparently a doctor in the hospital at one time, told him not to go down. He was curious enough to take us down.
In the regular basement he pointed out a side room that is inhabited by the “Old Lady”. He told us not to open the door because she likes to stab people in the face….Good to know…

We then entered what Toby called the “Big Room”, also known as Infirmary ward 4. Apparently I know how to speak “child” very well. There were 5 doors along each of the three remaining walls from the one we entered, with an auxiliary staircase just to the left. We were again able to break into some of the rooms. In the first Room along the left wall there at first appeared to be some kind of red paint on the wall. I should have known better. It was obviously not paint and was chipped on easily. This happened in many of the other rooms and there were writings under each section:
Room 1: “We find the promise we have left ourselves”
Room 2: “Carved into the earth like a message”
Room 3: Found the other green shoe – The FBI fails pretty hard apparently
Room 1: “Lost children:
Room 4: “A silent wound”
Room 5: Perfectly clean room. Only one, perfectly made bed: Michael’s room. Michael is Toby’s older brother. He’s evil.

Finally we decided to the sub-basement. At the bottom of the stairs a psychiatrist that works in the hospital came us upon. For the moment he had nothing to do but follow us. Immediately we came to some kind of theater room. Jessica was sitting on a gurney next to what we assume to be her skeleton. Her face was completely ripped off. No lips, no eyelids, nothing. That is a face I won’t be likely to forget anytime soon. I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight.

With her obviously inability to speak I snagged a pencil and paper from another member of the group and began writing while she apparently possessed Nick.

Jessica: He’ll come back soon. You have to go now it won’t stop it can’t stop he doesn’t know how to stop…for now..i’d run but it doesn’t do much good…I don’t need more company…I’d tell you to run…that’s not funny…yes…they took them…I don’t know how…don’t trust the boys…what does do you think…I don’t know their names…yes…shut up…I think they were garlays boys…not exactly…father’s looking for pet projects whatever he is trying to do didn’t work…he cut out my tongue…yes…I know the boys disappeared first…I know we were running…bunch of stupid games…to try and scare us…scream for the cameras girls…dad said I should have just gone into porn…now I’m stuck down here…not many of them are in the talking mood…it brought him back…he didn’t die here…got out of here while the gettings good…the ground remembers better than we do…if you could…could get us out of here…if I knew that I would have possessed one of the orderlies who likes to come down here to fuck…I do…no…revenge would be cool…I feel like it’s revenge.

Being able to learn no more from Erin we began to make our way back up the stairs. As we reached the top the other male member of the group went to reach for the door. It closed on him before he could hold it open, but he wasn’t quick enough to let go and was suddenly electrocuted! Glad I wasn’t at the front! We could hear another child’s voice on the other side. Toby said that we had been found by Michael. He told us he wouldn’t let us leave and that he would electrocute our friend again if we weren’t nice to him.

It wasn’t long before we were able to get him to open the door for us. Immediately I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, which is weird because that doesn’t even happen to me when I encounter ghosts. Which you know, is all the time. He was also obviously dead and looked as though he had been stitched together.

We followed our new psychiatrist friend up to his office. We tried to tell him at least a little bit about what we were doing while not totally blowing our cover. While the rest of the group talked with him I was able to find a more detailed blueprint of the grounds.



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